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8/24/2016 7:00 PM
   Calm\partly cloudy
86° F Feels Like 90°
Temp Rate tempchangelasthourfaren% °F
Humidity 61%
Barometer 30.18 in.
Dew Point 70.3
Wind 0.0   WSW
Rain Today 0.00

About Me

Thank you for visiting my site. I'm an avid weather nut, thus the name weathernuthaven. I've been interested in weather since I was in grammar school. I used to have a small wooden shelter that housed my barometer, thermometer, hygrometer, and rain gauge. I mostly tried various ways to build anemometers and windvanes. Back in those days, I had 2 cheap thermometers. One was for the air temperature and one was for a wet bulb reading to figure the humidity using a lookup table. To get the wet bulb reading, I'd slip a white shoelace over the bulb of the thermometer and put the other end of the shoelace in a container of water. This was a crude way of finding out the wet bulb reading. I used an empty olive jar for a rain guage since it had cylindrical sides. I kept a journal and made readings about 3 or 4 times a day. Things have changed a lot since then. Now most everything is automated. I do miss sometimes going out at certain times of the day to check all my instruments. I never made it to meteorology school, but I do hold a degree in Computer Science. From time to time, you'll see new features on the site. One upcoming feature will be a weather cam. Also in the works will be an education page with a different subject every week. I've been a member of The Weather Underground for quite a few years. I'm also a member of The Citizen Weather Observer Program. Be sure to check out the section at the bottom of this page for the "About This Station" and "About This City" information. Following is just news about the site's status, thoughts, and ideas.

Site News


I've added a menu selection for forecasts of various cities in the area on the home page.


My web hosting service was interrupted for a couple days. Therefore the website was totally non-existent. I have since decided to go with a different web hosting service. It'll take a few days to get all working correctly. Thanks for your patience!


Hurricane Information Page has been broken for awhile. I think I've finally gotten it working propery. Will add some structure and design as I have time. Also note that the page now has a php extension instead of html so if you have it bookmarked, it won't work until you bookmark the "new" site.


I've decided to work on a mobile version of the site. It'll be quite a project which will have to be completed in my spare time. I don't yet have a timetable as to when that will take place.


I've added the current rain rate, length of daylight today, as well as length of daylight yesterday on the main page in the table section.


Issues with the NWS have been resolved.


There's been a change on the NWS site, which is affecting how the watches/warnings/advisories are being pulled. I'll be working on that problem. This bulletin is from the National Weather Service and has issued the following statement: A cut fiberoptic line belonging to a commercial phone company has disrupted websites serving the Eastern Region. As this issue is being resolved, we are now operating our websites in backup mode.


I've decided to abandon the shutting down of the live data feed at night. It causes too many problems due to missed data on The Weather Underground and Citizen Weather Observer Program, the two sites I also send my data to.


Once again I am shutting down the live data feed at 12:10am and restarting around 8am. This is to save power by turning off the computer during those times each night. Thank you.


Updated Links and About Us/Site News to the new page format. Please note the extensions have changed on these two links from 'html' to 'php'. If you have either of these two pages bookmarked, please make a note of the change.


The internet issues have been resolved! At least my fingers are crossed.


I'll be changing the link title for the Japan-How to Help and Tornado Ravished State-How to Help to just a link to The Red Cross since there are other disasters that are happening all over. Please consider helping those in need.


The first 5 pages of the site have been redesigned to the new format. I'll be adding the rest as time permits.

I've taken down permanently the (nearly) live webcam feature. It was too resource intensive to run reliably. I may add that back later if I find a better alternative.


No live data from 6:30pm until about midnight due to storms knocking out the power. All data was retrieved upon re-start of the weather station


I have started re-structuring of the site. Hopefully I'll be able to make it a little more streamlined as well as quicker loading. The main page is up and running. I'll be working on other pages as time permits. There's a pretty long to-do list to get everything working as it should be.

I've added a link to the main weather page to The Red Cross to help those southern states that were ravished by the tornados. Please consider a donation to help those in need.

I've worked on the internet connection problems, however, we haven't had enough inclement weather to really test it out. Hopefully it will be resolved.


We are experiencing some intermittant internet outages. This mostly happens in periods of bad weather, i.e. high winds, lightning, and heavy rain. I will be troubleshooting that problem the weekend of 4/16-4/17/2011


Due to the devastation from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, please consider helping! Below is a link to a yahoo article with ways you can help.
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami - How To Help


The issue with the Almanac Data has been resolved. Thanks to Brian of Weather Display for correcting this!


Once again, The Weather Underground has changed their site format. Therefore, my weather software is not pulling the Almanac data correctly(normal highs and lows, record highs and lows). Hopefully Weather Display will be corrected to fix this problem in the near future.
Also, still having data extraction problems after morning startup. If this problem doesn't get resolved soon, I'll be looking into an alternative software program.


The Almanac data(normal highs and lows, record highs and lows) are now working correctly.


The Weather Underground has changed their site format. Therefore, my weather software is not pulling the Almanac data correctly(normal highs and lows, record highs and lows). A new version of the Weather Display Software was released. Hopefully this will solve the data extraction problem.


Things to do: Re-configure the nightly time-lapse video. I need to add controls to let the user choose whether to view the video or not. I am still having some issues with the data extraction upon startup of the weather server. Some days, the data from around midnight until 6am or so disappears, other days it does not. I'll be conferring with the writer of the software to sort out this problem.


For a little more information, I've added Hazardous Weather Outlook from the NWS to the Advisories page. You'll find it underneath the Severe Weather Map.


Due to financial constraints, I am working on a solution to cut down on my budget. As of 1/18/2011, I have been shutting down the live feed from midnight until 6am in order to shut down the computer server for those 6 hours. No data will be sent to CWOP or The Weather Underground site during that time. That will save 180 hours of power consumption per month.

Data is still being collected via the actual weather station during the downtime so no data will be lost. All temperature hi's, lo's, wind gusts, rain, etc. will still be correct, but won't be shown until around 6am once the server restarts. The entire shutdown, restart, and the data logging are automated. There are still some glitches that need to be worked out. The most pressing being the automated startup routine of the weather server. I'm still working out the reason why the data from midnight to 6am doesn't want to transfer to the software consistently during this startup routine.


I've added a (nearly) live weather cam facing toward the west. The weather cam takes snapshots every minute between sunrise and sunset. You can view the latest webcam picture by refreshing the page. If you'd rather let it refresh itself, the page will automatically refresh every 5 minutes. After sunset, usually around 6pm currently, it's too dark for a weather cam to be useful. At that time, there will be a time-lapse video of the current day shown until around sunrise the next morning. To view the time-lapse video, you must have the Apple Quicktime plug-in installed. You can get it Here

About This Station

The station is powered by a Davis Vantage Vue weather station. The current weather data is updated about every 6 seconds. While most pages update about every minute. This site and its data are collected using Weather Display Software. The station consists of an anemometer, rain gauge and a thermo-hydro sensor situated just outside in the backyard in as optimal position as possible for accuracy

About This City

The following image shows the climatic data for Lincolnton, North Carolina, USA
Shown are high temperatures, low temperatures, and rainfall.

Climate Lincolnton
Source: U.S. Climate Data

Totals and averages
Annual average high temperature 70.5 F
Annual average low temperature 47.7 F
Average temperature 59.1 F
Average annual precipitation 48.2 in.

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